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How To Apply For Flight Cancellation Compensation

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Anyone who has ever experienced the frustration of flight delays and even flight cancellations can now take advantage of a new European Union (EU) law which allows anyone who has been inconvenienced in this way to flight delay compensation.

The EU law, called the Denied Boarding Regulation, means that the airline must pay you flight delay compensation according to an agreed scale of payments laid down in the new law. The compensation can be anything up to 600 Euros, depending on a number of circumstances, per person affected by the delay or cancellation. The good news is that you can claim for flight delays and cancellations going back six years.

The Denied Boarding Regulation directive applies to any and all flights made from any airport within the European Union to another airport. This is irrespective of the airline involved. The law also applies to any flight from an airport which is outside the European Union but which is bound for an airport inside the European Union, as long as the airline concerned is a European airline (in other words, licenced to operate in any EU country and recognised by all European Union member states).

The level of flight delay compensation paid out is measured according to two broad criteria, and these are the length of the flight and the duration of the delay. The length of the flight is classified according to existing and established criteria, into short haul, medium haul, and long haul flights.

Did you know you could apply for flight cancellation compensation if any flight to or from a European airport is cancelled or delayed more than three hours?

Each person can claim up to 600 Euros depending on the length of the delay …

… and whether the flight delay compensation is related to a short haul, medium haul or long haul flight.

This is due to a European Union law called the Denied Boarding Regulation.

The law is mandatory for all EU airlines. They CANNOT refuse to pay you.

Also, the airline MUST pay you in cash, not offer vouchers or some other reduced compensation.

This legislation covers all flights going back 6 YEARS.

So any flight which has been delayed over 3 hours, or cancelled completely, will entitle you to up to 600 Euros compensation.

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