Different Styles Of Draping a saree

Wearing a sari within the traditional manner

 Step 1: Around your body. Starting at the navel, tuck the plain end of the saree within the petticoat in addition to continue folding until you complete turn coming from right to left. Align the bottom of the saree to the desired height. Ideally wear your footwear in order which you drape the saree to the right length.

 Step 2: Measurement of Pallu. Keep the top of the saree pallu is actually in addition to bring This particular around your hips forward in addition to over your left shoulder, thus measuring the length of pallav or Pallu. The pallav should hang down the back towards the knee. You can temporarily Pallu pin your sari blouse.

 Step 3: generating pleats. Box pleats with saree. Make about 7 to 10 pleats in addition to hold them together so they fall straight in addition to even. Stop folds at the waist petticoat slightly to the left of the navel, since we see which the folds are left.

Step 4 :The Pallu. The remainder of the saree must be turned once around the body in addition to then draped over the left shoulder. Arrange the pleats on This particular part of the saree in addition to then pin them on the left shoulder in addition to pallu coming from falling off.
Different Styles Of Draping a saree

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