Fashion Accessories & Rocking Show For Mens


You wear shoes the whole outfit so start collecting pairs with quality. Besides the classic black leather Boat Shoes are must-haves This kind of season. You have to invest in a seamless looking shoes. You are no longer in college, so the kind of dirty sneakers stop.

Neck Ties

Thin Neck Ties are trendy. They look modern than the usual 3.75-inch wide tape. Also make sure you choose the reversible design so you can have two pictures in a tie.


Who says wearing jewelries along with also baubles are just for ladies? Men should also have their own set accessories. A silver or vintage watch plus white gold chain bracelet can add classiness to your simple clothing.

To sum This kind of up, I’m just recommending neutral colors, simple pieces along with also materials in which don’t easily get creases. These are just like my suggestions with the winter clothing I posted before, minus the thick fabric of course. Don’t combine clothing as if there’s too much going on. Avoid shirts/jackets with too many extra pockets. You can experiment although don’t exaggerate.


I wish we can soon feel the cold Christmas breeze so we can use our fashionable coats along with also jackets. Blazers are okay even with jeans. although there are still additional styles out there in which surpass the casual look although don’t appear too formal like the Two-breasted style Coat.

3 / 4 shirt

I do not see anything wrong with your typical outfit, although your taste in colors, quality along with also combination of all the judges. Start collecting shirts with solid colors. Plain Tops can easily be coordinated with additional clothing such as jackets, ties along with also scarves. If you do not want to look too corporate or casual, then you fold your long sleeves 3 / 4.

Body Bags

Doctor bags are useful along with also spacious although if you’re not comfortable bringing one, spot for an over-sized Canvas Body Bag for everyday use. This kind of will be not bad enough for your laptop, books along with also gym clothes without looking too metrosexual.

Fashion Accessories & Rocking Show For Mens

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