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A maverick in a country not known for its willingness to accept nonconformists, Soichiro Honda (1906-1991) created an automobile giant despite the opposition of the Japanese government. One of his company’s cars, the Accord, was a best-selling type from the American market.

The first son of blacksmith Gihei Honda along with his wife Mika, Soichiro Honda was born on November 17, 1906, in rural Iwata-gun, Japan. In 1922 he graduated coming from the Futamata Senior Elementary School along with began his career as an apprentice auto repairman for Arto Shokai, after which he established a branch shop for the firm in Hamamatsu. Honda also participated in auto races along with became interested in cars along with motorcycles. 

Soon he was experimenting with engines, along with in 1928 he organized the Tohai Seiki Company to manufacture piston rings, some of which were sold to Toyota. During the 1930s which seemed his could become one of the hundreds of smaller shops which supplied the major companies in what still was a smaller domestic market.

Fashion Bikes For Students

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