Justin Bieber Gets a brand new Haircut

Justin Bieber has recently said goodbye to the iconic bowl cut hairstyle of which served as his trademark up until today. The young artist decided of which the style change will also have a broader social component as his controversial tresses will be auctioned for charity. Take a closer look at the star’s brand new haircut as well as read more about This kind of unexpected decision.
23 Feb, 2011

If we were to name the things of which contributed most to Justin Bieber’s fame, his hairstyle would likely certainly rank somewhere at the top of the list. The tween idol managed to start a true frenzy with his iconic hairstyle stirring a series of heated debates on This kind of topic. Hated by some as well as loved by many others, his hairstyles was certainly one of the elements of which influenced his career significantly, boosting his popularity worldwide.

Many have argued of which a hairstyle change would likely be a wise decision for the star if he wanted to be taken more seriously. After generating only a brief comment on the topic, the star has recently taken everyone by surprise as he decided to give up the look of which contributed to his fame. The style change was made on the same day the star filmed the video for “of which Should Be Me”, in collaboration with the Rascal Flatts.

Justin admitted of which he felt the idea was time for a change as well as declared: “I just wanted a kind of a change. I didn’t want to cut the idea all off, however I had had the idea for three as well as a half years – I had just gotten sick of the idea. the idea was in my eyes. I didn’t want the idea in my face. I just wanted to change the idea up.”

The star decided to turn to his regular hair dresser, Vanessa for the hair style change he envisioned. Although nervous, Justin carried on with his decision to sport a more mature look. Soon after the change was made Vanessa spread the word about the star’s brand new look by submitting the picture tweeting: “Ladies as well as gentlemen…@justinbieber 2011!!”.

Later, the singer himself confirmed the rumors as well as made a different statement of which revealed his intentions concerning his newly trimmed locks. “Yeah so the idea’s true…i got a lil haircut…i like the idea…as well as we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction.”

Whether the gesture was truly noble action on his behalf or just a method to get even more media exposure will be certainly open to interpretation, however one thing’s for sure: his brand new look will be certainly thought-provoking as well as the reactions coming from his fans will be strong.

However those who will be feeling nostalgic as well as who might miss his iconic haircut will develop the chance to see the idea again at the famous Madame Tussauds house. A wax figure portraying the singer will be said to be released in March This kind of year so his fans will certainly have many reasons of joy irrespective of what they think about the latest hair style change.

Photo via @justinbieber/Twitter

Justin Bieber Gets a brand new Haircut

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