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Kotton Grammer Testimonial Review | Miami SEO

This video was produced as a testimony to my coach and mentor Kotton Grammer. Kotton has shown not only an amazinglevel of skill and business acumen in building his multi-million dollar digital agency but he’s shown time andagain what a compassionate human being he is. Whether it be weekly coaching sessions within OMG or the countlessnumber of people he’s taken under his wing to help personally. Now, that may not come through when he’s giving you tough love about why you haven’t put in the work but you’ve got to understand it comes from a place of love.

I’ve been following Kotton for nearly 2 years now and his message is always one of inspiration and aspiration. Tosee what he’s accomplished in a such a short time and then to consider it was done OMG style (which means One ManGang) it just boggles the mind to consider how unbelievably organized his back office process has to be. A goodfriend of mine employs 12 people now in his agency and bills out a tiny fraction of what Kotton does solo.

My goal in creating this testimonial video for Kotton Grammer is to indeed show my appreciation for what he’s donefor me personally which is to say that anything is possible with the right mind set and tools and diligent effortand in hopes for the opportunity at having him as a personal mentor. I can’t think of anything that would impact mybusiness more than this and so it’s on like donkey kong!

How Might Kotton Grammer be able to help you:
• Kotton is a master at mindset and attitude. Small thinking leads to small results and Kotton is constantlyreinforcing that concept
• Client Getting Strategies! Perhaps no SEO on the planet is as capable and laser focused on growing a business asKotton. He’ll teach you several ways to get in front of more clients and most importantly to close more clients!
• Search Engine Optimization – pure hard core ranking strategies that will rocket you and your clients to the topof google search.

I have no problem advertising for Kotton because it’s absolutely no threat to my business. Our agency is not quitein his level of clients yet but we’re hot on his trails and if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that the need fororganic traffic is one that every business in the world can benefit from and thus there is literally an endlesssupply of clients.

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