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There is a new term called “Poking Google”. What this refers to is a new strategy that allows you to create YouTube LIVE Events, or more specifically, create a live event and post date it. So all you are actually uploading is a YouTube Video Title, Description, Tags and a Thumbnail image.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. What we want to learn is, which of the keyword phrase I’ve found that suits the product/service I’m promoting in Google are the best ones to use.

Using the Poking Google method, you can create one unique Live Event based on each keyword phrase I have researched to suit my new project.

So when creating a new Live Event, I have my First keyword phrase in the title and in the description and in the tags of this new live event. Once the Live event is created, then I wait for 5 mins and then check in google to see if its arrived on Page 1 in Google.

Google LOVES its own websites and gives preference to its own websites like in the Google Search Engine. Since we know this, we can use YouTube.c om to test our new keyword phrases, obviously, using Live Events.

Typically when I do my Keyword Research for a new project, I’ll end up with 50 or so great keyword phrases, but I really don’t know which are the best to use.

So I use the Google Poking method to create one live event for each of my keyword phrases and then check to see if they have arrived on Page 1 of Google.

Anyone can do this right now, all you need is a free YouTube Account, a list of keyword phrases. And 1 thumbnail image 1280 X 720. That’s it, then you add your keyword phrase in the title, one short 300 word article to use in the description about your keyword phrase, some related keyword phrases from your existing keyword list to add as tags in the YouTube Live Event description. (A YouTube live Event is just a normal YouTube video but timed in the future. But they rank like normal YouTube Video, but better.)

Once you post this new Live Event, you can check for it in Google to see if its arrived on page one.

Now just repeat this for each of your keyword phrases in your list. Its very easy, but very time consuming.

So my staff and I did this many times over to prove that it worked, and many terms arrived on Page 1 of google, out of 50 phrases, normally 6 arrive page 1 and 5 on page 2.

So we got excellent results. Now we know which are the GREAT terms to use out of our original list of 50 keyword phrases.

Now that we proved the strategy works perfectly, we moved on to the Automation Stage! Introducing Live Rank Sniper!

Its so simple to use, now you just copy and paste your list of Keyword Phrases into the software, provide it with your YouTube login details, and a thumbnail and the software automatically creates a unique Live event, based on the first keyword phrase in your list.

In the software we introduced Spintax. Meaning now each and every live event the software creates will be 100% unique, meaning, each title and description will be completely different to any previous its made, providing 100% unique content for the Google Search engine.

It gets better, you can point the software to a folder on your hard drive and if it contains more than one thumbnail, it will choose randomly a thumbnail image each time it creates a new Live event.

The best thing about this software is its just so easy to use, you just load up as described above then press Go and off it goes, it will create one unique live event for each of the keyword phrases you’ve entered in the software.

Check out my Live Rank Sniper review and learn how it might be something you should buy.

Live Rank Sniper Review:

Live Rank Sniper is a keyword software worthy of consideration. It’s got many super features including:

Rank on Page 1 of Google
Find ‘rankable’ keywords
Save hours on SEO

… And much, much more.

Be sure to watch my video review above for the full story about Live Rank Sniper

Thank you for watching this information video. I hope it helps you in your hunt for a quality keyword software

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